Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin – literally translate “Chicken in wine”. I found this recipe from and I love all the recipes from Marc. I’ve been trying all different recipes from his site and this is one of them. This is my 2nd attempt to make this dish and it is more successfully than before.


During the 1st attempt, I used a non-stick pan (that was what I’ve in the kitchen at that time) and it was the biggest mistake because then I don’t get those burn, brown stuff from the meat. It ended looks like stew with alcohol taste. Now, I got myself a stainless steel pan and I got the brown stuff when I pan-fried the chicken. Before de-glazed the pan, this brown stuff that left behind gave a nice taste and smell to the onion, celery and garlic when you pan-fried them. When the onion & garlic starting to get a bit light brown, then de-glazed with cognac or brandy, then the brown stuff that stuck to the pan will come out right away and gave the vegetable some sweat taste. It is not sweat like sugar but sweat with a bit of alcohol ( I always says that a sweat taste with some kick). I’ve this dish for a couple of days, eat it with rice, noodle or bread, even without meat is also taste good. I heard that this is a traditional French dish. Bon appétit !!!


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