Love birds

lovebirdLove birds, Bill and Coo designed by Mei Li Lee from Simply Crochet issue 33.
It interest me to do this project because it involved embroidery and surface crochet techniques on such a tiny doll.
I’m very pleased with it and they are sitting on top of many lucky stars.


Amamani animal puzzle ball

In my last blog about amamani puzzle ball, I’ve made the basic puzzle ball and the star ball, they were pretty easy and fun to make. Now, is the animal puzzle ball – Dexter the dinosaur.
It was quite a challenge to make it. At one moment, I gave up and went to make something else. At last, I’ve finished it yesterday after 2 weeks of work (only during night time).
Even though it was difficult and almost given up during the process, after seeing the end result and now feels like making the 2nd one. It really addictive.


Summer time

It has been above 35¬įC for the past few days here and officially it was heat wave in Europe. Looking at my beloving dolls wearing long shirts and pants, I felt overheated and almost explored. So I decided to make summer outfit for them.
Here are they enjoying the Sunday’s afternoon in their new outfit together with Tux penguin, polar bear, tuxedo sam and purin.

Polar bear is ready to go for a swim but can’t find any pool nearby. Since tux penguin is all black, he needs a hat to cover himself or else he will be burn. Tuxedo Sam and Purin is busy with their food as usual.
The pattern of tux penguin, polar bear, tuxedo sam and purin are from Lee Mei Li.

Siew pau

My father loves siew pau and I’m not particular crazy about it. Now, I starting to make it at home and starting to like it just like the egg tart. Unfortunately, my father doesn’t live long enough to taste the siew pau that I made ūüė•


For this recipe, I used a frozen pastry dough that you can easily purchase it from grocery store. You can also make it yourself if you like. If you prefer to make the pastry skin yourself, check it out at the bottom.

To make the filling of the siew pau, you need to the following ingredients:
– 400 gram char siew (you purchase it or make it yourself) – diced.
– 1/2 cup of frozen peas
– 1 big onion – diced
– 1 tbsp black soy sauce
– 1 tbsp oyster sauce (skip this if use hoisin sauce)
– 1 tbsp sugar (skip this if use hoisin sauce)
– salt and pepper to taste
– water and corn starch – to thicken sauce

1.Saute onion until lightly brown.
2.Add char siew and peas, stir fry about 5 mins.
3.Add the sauce mixture and taste.
4.Add corn starch liquid to thicken the sauce.
5.Leave it cool when it is done.
6.When the fillings cool, cut the dough into round shape.
7.Put a spoonful filling into the dough and shape it.
8.Brush the dough with egg wash and sprinkle some sesame seeds.
9.Baked 200¬įC for approximately 25 minutes (this is only a guidance)

Home-made pastry skin:
There is 2 types of dough for the skin: water dough (A) and oil dough (B)

Water dough (A)
– 200g plain flour
– 60g un-salted butter, room temperature (not too soft)
– 2 tbsp caster sugar / ~50g icing sugar
~ 100g water
– pinch of salt (if used un-salted butter)

Oil dough (B)
160g plain flour
100g shortening (or you can use white vegetable oil)

1. Dough A, rub butter with the dry mixture by hand, slowly add in water using spoon. Combine them well until it form dough. Let it rest for 10 minutes in a fridge.
(TIPS: butter give puff texture to the pastry when it is baked)
2. Dough B, rub shortening with flour / mix oil with the flour (if using vegetable oil). Combine them until it form dough, Let it rest for 10 minutes in a fridge.
3. Divide the dough A & B equally.
4. Roll them into long shape (like making croissant).
5. Put dough B on top of dough A and wrapper them like a swiss roll (make sure the oil dough is inside). Set them aside for rest.
6. When the dough is ready, roll it out into a circle and then put your filling into it. Wrapped it according siew pau shape.


Egg tart

I never love to eat egg tart as much as now while I’m living in Malaysia. Now, due to home sick, I love to make it and eat it. Somehow, it taste better when you make it yourself and it can be eaten just like a snack when you are craving for one. I’ve¬†made the normal size and¬†the mini size. I love the mini size especially when the temperature is warm and eaten¬†the tart¬†cold.


Here is my secret recipe.

For the skin:
– 140 gram butter (softed – room temperature*.)
– 1 egg (lightly beaten)
– 70 gram icing sugar/powder sugar
– 250 gram low glutine flour
*  Your butter must NOT be too soft or else it will influence the   texture and crispness of your tart skin.

1.Mix the above ingredients together and well by hand.
2.Use your finger to break the butter and mix them well into the flour.
3.Leave the dough in the fridge for approximately 20 minutes

For the fillings:
-140 gram sugar
-300 ml water
-4 large eggs
-80 ml condensed milk
** if making only 12 pieces of normal size, then use only half of the measurement.

1.Cook the sugar with the water. Let it cool after the sugar has 100% dissolved. Do not stir.
2.Add the egg into the sugar syrup.
3.Mix them well and strain the mixture through a strainer.

1.Take the dough out from the fridge and break them into small pieces.
2.Press each small dough into your baking tin/cup.
3.Make some tiny hole at the bottom of the dough with fork.
4.Fill every dough cup with the egg liquid mixture.
5.Bake at temperature 200 ¬įC for 20 minutes.

Notes: There is one thing that I learn while making dough by hand is that the room temperature has strong influence on the process. You need to feel it yourself and judge whether the dough is ok or not.