Egg tart

I never love to eat egg tart as much as now while I’m living in Malaysia. Now, due to home sick, I love to make it and eat it. Somehow, it taste better when you make it yourself and it can be eaten just like a snack when you are craving for one. I’ve made the normal size and the mini size. I love the mini size especially when the temperature is warm and eaten the tart cold.


Here is my secret recipe.

For the skin:
– 140 gram butter (softed – room temperature*.)
– 1 egg (lightly beaten)
– 70 gram icing sugar/powder sugar
– 250 gram low glutine flour
*  Your butter must NOT be too soft or else it will influence the   texture and crispness of your tart skin.

1.Mix the above ingredients together and well by hand.
2.Use your finger to break the butter and mix them well into the flour.
3.Leave the dough in the fridge for approximately 20 minutes

For the fillings:
-140 gram sugar
-300 ml water
-4 large eggs
-80 ml condensed milk
** if making only 12 pieces of normal size, then use only half of the measurement.

1.Cook the sugar with the water. Let it cool after the sugar has 100% dissolved. Do not stir.
2.Add the egg into the sugar syrup.
3.Mix them well and strain the mixture through a strainer.

1.Take the dough out from the fridge and break them into small pieces.
2.Press each small dough into your baking tin/cup.
3.Make some tiny hole at the bottom of the dough with fork.
4.Fill every dough cup with the egg liquid mixture.
5.Bake at temperature 200 °C for 20 minutes.

Notes: There is one thing that I learn while making dough by hand is that the room temperature has strong influence on the process. You need to feel it yourself and judge whether the dough is ok or not.


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