Crochet fruits and vegetables

amigurumiveggieThe Hooky Harvest Bunch, the amigurumi booklet that came along with Simply crochet issue 35. They were so cute and I can’t help it to make all of them. I also found the creator of these creatures, Becky Garratt.

These are the fruits and vegetables. Who says that they will be rotten when you leave them for too long. At least, mine don’t but they grow eyes and full with different expression.

I love them….


Love birds

lovebirdLove birds, Bill and Coo designed by Mei Li Lee from Simply Crochet issue 33.
It interest me to do this project because it involved embroidery and surface crochet techniques on such a tiny doll.
I’m very pleased with it and they are sitting on top of many lucky stars.

Amamani animal puzzle ball

In my last blog about amamani puzzle ball, I’ve made the basic puzzle ball and the star ball, they were pretty easy and fun to make. Now, is the animal puzzle ball – Dexter the dinosaur.
It was quite a challenge to make it. At one moment, I gave up and went to make something else. At last, I’ve finished it yesterday after 2 weeks of work (only during night time).
Even though it was difficult and almost given up during the process, after seeing the end result and now feels like making the 2nd one. It really addictive.


Summer time

It has been above 35°C for the past few days here and officially it was heat wave in Europe. Looking at my beloving dolls wearing long shirts and pants, I felt overheated and almost explored. So I decided to make summer outfit for them.
Here are they enjoying the Sunday’s afternoon in their new outfit together with Tux penguin, polar bear, tuxedo sam and purin.

Polar bear is ready to go for a swim but can’t find any pool nearby. Since tux penguin is all black, he needs a hat to cover himself or else he will be burn. Tuxedo Sam and Purin is busy with their food as usual.
The pattern of tux penguin, polar bear, tuxedo sam and purin are from Lee Mei Li.

Crochet dolls


New members to my amigurumi collections, the 2 crochet dolls that I’ve finally finished last night with clothes on. I came across My Crochet Doll book from Isabelle Kessdjian when purchasing another crochet book. It is fun to make, you are not only making the doll but also making the clothes, shoes and all kind of accessories that you can think of for a person. I’ve even make them according to my likes. Now, I can dress them with different clothes, shoes, playing with their hair. Whenever I’m bored with my work or stuck with idea, then I just picked them up and starting to re-dress them and playing with the hair with different style.

Amamani Star ball

Finally, I uploaded my amamani star ball picture…


The pattern is not difficult to make but the stuffing was challenging. If you put too much cotton, then they look almost exploded. When you put too little, then it looks like a deflated balloon. It took me many attempt to get it right. But it still not looking as nice as what Dedri has made. The fun part of this ball is where you can keep turning the color whenever you are bored with one.

My First Amamani

What is Amami??? and how did I ended with this sort of stuffs (thanks to Michael). Amami is Amigurumi Amish Puzzle Animals. Dedri from Look At What I made site has lots of interesting projects related to this and instructions on how to make them. I’ve ordered her book and is on the way…now. I always like this sort of work where I’ve made some origami which has the similar characteristics.


But this time, I crochet an Amish puzzle ball based on the pattern from Dedri. I LOVED IT!!!!.

AmishPuzzleBall2 AmishPuzzleBall1